Lushzie was created for us! We are the millennials who love fun, hate student loans and are multifaceted. We love brunch and happy hours just as much as our passion projects and green juices. But above all, we believe in self-care. Our ice pops were born out of the need to stay healthy and be able to play just as hard as we work. It's why we created Lushzie ice pops to be great-tasting, vegan and additive-free. That way, we're worrying less about how we're gonna feel in the morning and more about who's turn it is to buy the next round!

We believe you should be able to enjoy a night out, or a few glasses of wine with the girls and still feel like your self. At Lushzie we aimed to create a healthier and fun way to still enjoy your favorite beverages...

We chose ice pops because they’re easy to eat (you don’t even have to sit up to consume them), and they don’t make you feel bloated or nauseated the way choking down huge amounts of liquid can. Plus they are perfect for summer.

Lushzie is based in New Orleans.